Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all our offers and tenders and to all agreements that we have entered into with clients and other parties, hereafter the customer.


Establishing an agreement

All our offers are valid for 14 days, unless expressly stated otherwise. An agreement has been entered into if it is returned to us signed within 14 days of the date on the agreement. The prices listed in the web shop may differ. The prices are only valid if the order confirmation has been returned to the customer or if no different reaction has been given within 24 working hours after ordering.



Stenpanelbutikken.dk is obliged to fulfil the terms of delivery as stated in the agreement as far as possible. The terms of delivery of the agreement or stated otherwise are however never statutory. Stenpanelbutikken.dk shall never be responsible for breach of the terms of delivery through force majeure.


Articles that have been ordered especially by Stenpanelbutikken.dk cannot be returned. 48 hours after confirmation of the order these articles cannot be cancelled. Confirmation will take place via email, whereby the specially ordered items will be marked with **. If the buyer does not cancel the order within 48 hours, any rights under the Act on Long-distance Buying will lapse and it is assumed that the buyer agrees with this and wants to continue the agreement.


For deliveries to the UK of orders lower than € 415.00 including VAT delivery costs from € 50.00 will be charged. For orders of € 415.00 and higher the delivery costs will be adjusted (higher or lower), and/or charged depending on the distance and size of the order.


Orders are usually not delivered on EUR-pallets. This means that when EUR-pallets are used, a deposit is charged. Because we do not know in advance whether EUR-pallets will be used, we cannot charge for their use on the order. After delivery we will charge € 11.90 per EUR-pallet. You may return the pallets on appointment to one of our outlets. You may of course also return the pallets to one of the pallet businesses that are spread all over the UK. In that case, we will not credit you for the pallet.


Delivery of an order will be done to the first door. This means that deliveries to apartment blocks and/or flats and/or multilevel buildings will be done 'to the front door of the building'. The customer is responsible for further transport to his or her own front door. For safety reasons it is not possible to collect an order on payment on delivery. This is only permitted after clear approval in writing from Stenpanelbutikken.dk.


We will always make an appointment, or communicate this through the web shop, to deliver the order. If the buyer is not at home on the agreed date, the order will be taken away and will be delivered again on a date to be determined later. However, an extra € 90 shipping costs will be charged.



On delivery, the customer must check all goods for correctness and damage.


Reclamations must be reported Stenpanelbutikken.dk within 24 hours by fax or email. After 24 hours the right to reclamation lapses. This does not include the right to guarantee.



The liability of Stenpanelbutikken.dk towards the customer is limited to the guarantee provided by the manufacturer. In the unlikely event of any far-reaching liability resting with Stenpanelbutikken.dk, this will be limited to the value of the delivery in question. Any liability for legal action and/or other damages is expressly rejected.


Stenpanelbutikken.dk precludes any liability towards the customer for damage to the customer’s property, including any direct and indirect damage, unless the damage was caused by gross negligence by an employee of Stenpanelbutikken.dk.


Stenpanelbutikken.dk is not liable for damage if a customer, or a third party, has made one or more changes into or has carried out work to items delivered by Stenpanelbutikken.dk.



On delivery, the customer will check all items and make sure the delivery matches the order. If the delivery deviates from the agreement, the customer has the right to return the delivered items immediately, unless the deviation from the agreement is so small that it does not justify a refusal to accept.


If however the delivered items are not refused immediately on the moment of delivery, the delivery is viewed as having been accepted and the customer loses the right to make reclamation on any deviation on the delivered items of the agreement.



All prices stated are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise specified. In order to qualify for a special offer/action, an offer must first be requested, also to avoid any confusion. The customer will then be sent a confirmation. This confirmation validates the offer. The final prices of offers made are actual final prices. After confirmation of these offers, no extra costs will be charged, such as delivery costs and/or administrative costs.



Always in advance through PayPal, Multisafepay (IDEAL) or through invoice. Only after full payment has been made, will an order with Stenpanelbutikken.dk be set out and delivered.


The risk of (in)correct electronic transmissions and mutilation of electronic traffic shall be at the full account of the customer.


Privacy policy 

Stenpanelbutikken.dk respects the privacy of all the users of its website and ensures that personal data that have been entrusted by the customer are treated confidentially. Stenpanelbutikken.dk will use the data to handle the orders as quickly and easily as possible. These data will otherwise only be used with permission from the customer. Stenpanelbutikken.dk will not sell the data to third parties and will only supply these to third parties that are involved with the execution of your order.


Use of your personal data:

Stenpanelbutikken.dk uses the data collected to provide its customers with the following services: if you place an order, we will need your name, email address and delivery address to carry out your order.


In order to make shopping at Stenpanelbutikken.dk as pleasant as possible, Stenpanelbutikken.dk will store, with permission from the customer, personal data and data regarding the order and use of our services. This means the website can be personalised and items may be shown that could be of interest to the customer.


Applicable law

All of the legal agreements between the customer and the contractor shall be subject to the laws of the Netherlands. All disputes, inasmuch as they fall under the competence of the district court, will be adjudicated in the first instance by the competent court of the place of registration of the contractor.


Act on Long-distance Buying

Description of the Act on Long-distance Buying:

Consumers have the right to a cooling-off period of 7 working days after delivery of a product. They are allowed to return the product within that period, and should only have to bear the postal charges. The seller is not allowed to charge delivery or administrative costs.


The product should be delivered to the customer no later than 30 days after the order has been placed. If this obligation is not fulfilled, the consumer may cancel the purchase with immediate effect. This does not apply if the parties have agreed to a different delivery date.

If the consumer returns the product within the cooling-off period, the seller is obliged to refund the amount paid within 30 days.